Contract of Agreement

Thank you so much for reaching out to me to book me at your event! I really appreciate it. This contract of agreement is to be filled out in order to help us confirm dates, details, and dollars with each other. Please fill out and read each section carefully.
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Basic Information
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Primary Contact's Name
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Primary Contact's Phone
Event Information
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Event Location
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START Date of Event
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END Date of Event
If your event is a one day event, just put the start date again.
Below, describe what you expect me to do on stage, how much time I will be given, how many services there are, and any other valuable information that would be good for me to have before hand.
If your expected audience is over 100 people in attendance, and the event is longer than 30 minutes, then you are expected to provide a wireless headset or lapel microphone for my use. *
Housing Information
Travel & Reimbursement Agreement
FLYING: If your event location is more than fifteen hours from the place I (Kyle) was before the start date of your event, you or I will need to book a flight. If you would like me to book my own flight, you will be required to send a pre-reimbursement check to the address at the bottom of this contract. You can also Cash App him at $kylejorris, Venmo him @kylejorris, or Paypal him at for a faster confirmation. The amount of the pre-reimbursement should be to the exact amount of the flight you or I find, plus an average $100-150 charge for baggage fees determined by me before you send me payment. Lastly, I may also mail packages to your event location, and your church/organization are expected to cover those expenses as well. *
DRIVING: If your event location is under 15 hours away from me, I (Kyle) will most likely drive to you unless told otherwise. Millage should be reimbursed completely in a separate check from the payment/honorarium. Payment is processed differently from reimbursement in year-end taxes. You can pay your church/organization’s standard mileage rate, but preferably I ask you to comply with the government’s current federal mileage reimbursement rate. Reach out to me and ask how many miles I expect to drive before calculating the check/payment. Additionally, travel expenses such as (but not limited to) food, housing, gas, etc. may be expected to be reimbursed after the event. *
Payment Agreement
My ministry is predominately funded through freewill offerings and honorariums from generous churches and organizations like you. Please consider the following questions to inform your payment decisions. On average, what do you usually pay a speaker to come speak to the adults of your church/organization? How many hours am I giving you total by even being with you during your event? How long did I travel to be at your event? How much time did I spend preparing for your event? How much materials or supplies (balloons, magic tricks, props) did I use during your event? *
Final Agreement
Please read and check the boxes. *